Water fed pole

Water Fed Pole


Up to a height of 50” with our feet on the ground!

There are many windows that are tricky or awkward to reach, at Elite Pro Services we ensure quality and safety by using a telescopic carbon fiber water-fed pole and filtered water.

Elite Pro Services has been dedicated to be a full time window cleaning Service Company, we are known for making it possible to complete some jobs that other companies aren’t equipped to handle. We use up to date equipment making our job safer and more efficient. The Elite team can clean even those awkward hard to reach spots, so we can satisfy all of your needs.

What is Water Fed Pole window cleaning anyway?

Water fed pole window cleaning is the latest technological advancement in window cleaning. Water fed pole cleaning makes it easier to clean exterior windows and gives homeowners a better clean. Using this method makes cleaning windows easier, safer, and faster.
If the ground around the home is very sloped it can be extremely dangerous to mount tall ladders in the area. But with a water fed pole cleaning system a technician can clean even tall skylights and upper floor windows without having to climb a ladder that is in a precarious spot.

A water fed pole is a telescopic pole with a brush head. The water fed pole system works with purified water, which enhances the result by removing accumulated dust and grim from the window panes. This process use reverse osmosis method to filter tap water then send filtered water through a DI resin vessel using a pump with the purified water to the window to be cleaned.
In addition to hydrogen & oxygen, tap water also contains minerals. For drinking purposes, this isn’t a problem, however when it comes to cleaning the likes of calcium, magnesium and other minerals remain, when the water evaporates away. This leaves hard water stains and unsightly spotting. You’ll notice these build up on any glass surrounding showers or taps at home, or even after washing your car. That is why this purified water method works great benefiting windows with a soft, but cleaner finish on your windows.
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