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Make sure to keep bird and pigeon waste out of your property with our pigeon spike installation service.

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With our bird and pigeon spike installation equipment, you won’t have to worry about constantly cleaning your windows.

Pigeon spikes are considered to be the most efficient and the most cost-effective pigeon exclusion device available within the pest control marketplace.

Firstly the property must then be assessed to identify all areas that have the potential for birds to perch or roost upon. It is important that all areas are protected rather than just the areas where the problem currently exists, because once pigeon spikes have been installed in these areas it is almost certain that the pigeons will simply move to other, possibly more sensitive areas of the building to roost or perch.

Bird spikes keep larger pest birds like pigeons and gulls from landing and roosting on your property. Bird spikes can be installed on a variety of different surfaces. Bird spikes are a cost effective tool to for preventing birds from landing on window sills, rooflines, ledges, fences, under eaves, and other areas.

Birds can cause an unhealthy situation for young children on a patio or balcony because birds can leave a mess on patio furniture. With a physical barrier, you can encourage the birds to perch in a different place. Many homeowners use a garden hose to spray a cleaning chemical on patio furniture each day to control the health hazard. You can use the spikes on a patio or balcony without causing harm to the birds.

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